Dear guests, welcome to own web site We offer accomodation in Pula and Ližnjan.
In Pula we offer accomodation in the apartments Marija: one which can accept from 4 to 5 persons, and the other is for 2 persons.
In Ližnjan we offer accomodation in the Villa Nino which can accept 8 to 10 people and accomodation in the Villa Milojka which can also accept from 8 to 9 people.pula_arena

Pula is the biggest city in Istria and with its 65 thousand residents it represents the cultural, political and scientific centre of istria. Walking through the city is like walking through a 3000 old history. The most important cultural monuments in Pula are the Amphitheatre called Arena, the Arch of the Sergians, the Temple of Augustus, the Small Roman Theatre, the chapel of St. Maria Formosa and many more… Beyond these, every visitor will be fascinated by the charming alleys, squares and buildings from the Austro-Hungarian period, but especially by the natural beauties of the surroundings. The sea with its coast long almost 30 kilometers attracts visitors with its extraordinary beauty and the average temperature of Pula that results + 13 degrees. Besides that, the city offers a various and rich cultural program to both its citizens and its guests.

On the extreme sud-est of Istria, on a mediterranean landscape where grows the plant Spartium, lies a little fishing and agricultural town called Ližnjan which faces the golf Kvarner and its islands Cres and Lošinj. The township of Ližnjan includes the villages of Valtura, Muntić, Jadreški e Šišan. Even if it is distant, the story of this place it’ s written in the remains of the ancient roman settlement called Nesactium, not far away from the place Vlatura, and in the church of the Madonna of Kuje where is still preserved an  early  christian mosaic.


This hidden corner of clean sea and fragmented coast, in which are immersed rocks and gravels, will show to every visitor its beauty along a wild coastline of 28 km. The little Ližnjan harbor will tell you a story of a place  that has always lived from the benefits of the sea.
Try the specialities of the seafood and with a sip of Istrian Malvasia or Teran experience a bit of local life.

The significant feature of local fauna is a bird called European bee-eater, an endemic and protected species on the coast of Marlera, that  in summer lives peacefully and undisturbed in its natural environment.

Horse lovers can enjoy the many riding clubs, and for those who prefer hunting, there are availabe thick  oak forests that hides hares, partridges, pheasants, deers and wild boars. If you prefer to dive into the see deeps, the underwater along the coast Marlera and part of the area of the bay Kuje will reveal to you one of the last meadows of flowering Posidonea oceanica.